How you can better leverage and instil a winning content strategy for your brand


We live in a country where more than 50% of us use 3 or more connected devices for minimum 3 hours daily. This has paved way for the much talked about boom in the content industry. As with any trend, there are brands that are winning in this space and there are those that require some guidance.  Either way, as a digital enthusiast, I see this trend as an exciting development that enables us to push the boundaries of storytelling.

As such, I’d like to share five tips that will help you to better leverage and instil a winning content strategy for your brand.

  1. Define Purpose

“My competitor is doing content. I need to react with better stuff” is probably not the best way to kick start a push for content marketing. It is however, pertinent to start asking: “Do we really need content marketing?”

And more importantly, “What role would our content play in our consumers’ life?”

Once you embrace content, you open up your brand to a plethora of storytelling opportunities. For example, your content could give out more information on your products, educate your customers on how to get the best out of your brand, create a dedicated content channel featuring key opinion leaders etc.

  1. Micro Wins

Content is not a short term exercise. It’s more similar to our daily lives. We have good days, bad days, days that we do things that we really enjoy, days that we experiment with new things etc. Once you’ve defined the overall ‘purpose’ of your content strategy, focus on winning every day. As with our lives, these micro wins add up to who we are as a person and how well we do in our lives. This same theory applies in Content Marketing. Be clear about your remarkable destination but celebrate every day wins.

Understanding micro wins will also help you to gauge what’s working and what’s not. This gives you the opportunity to leverage greater efficiencies while staying true to the defined purpose of your content strategy.

  1. Think Message first, Platform Second

It is always easy to rationalise a popular content platform because ‘everyone is on it’. What it also does is that it limits the boundaries of your story telling.  Think about the overall brand message you want to convey to your audience and how they should perceive you. You will be amazed that sometimes, the best platform for your brand could be a lesser known one than the usual suspects. It might even give you the opportunity to dominate such a platform and thereby garner higher engagement levels for your brand.

  1. Experiment

Content is a great way to engage your audience in different ways. With short form story telling platforms such as Instagram stories and Snapchat on the rise, we have the opportunity to experiment the way we communicate.  You might be a brand that has always spoken to females, but a versatile content strategy might allow you to talk to their counterparts. You could experiment with seasonality and special occasions as well.

  1. Deep Analytics

The beauty of content is that you have access to real time analytics to show how well your marketing dollars are performing. This is why it is equally important to invest in a comprehensive analytics tool to make the most out of your content strategy. Similar to a pitstop change at an F1 race, it will help you truly super-tune your content strategy. Think of it as an F1 race but with unlimited PitStops as you please.

Content is helping us to push the boundaries of storytelling. Keep exploring new frontiers and unlock high levels of equity for your brand.

About Udara Withana

Udara Withana is the Head of Strategic Planning for Y&R Singapore: Campaign Asia’s Creative Agency of The Year 2015. A story teller at heart, he constantly dabbles with digital technology to experiment and formulate interesting ways to disseminate stories. His collaborative work has won in Cannes, Webby’s,  Spikes, Ad-fest, Effies and at local award shows over the years.

You can follow him at @Udzi and at

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