Dimensions (WxH) in Pixels 728 x 90 and 320×50 (web responsive leaderboard)
File Size 50 KB – static
100 KB – HTML5
File Type JPG, GIF, PNG, HTML5
Max Animation Time No limit
Inpage Video (Optional) – Video controls (including sound on/off button, play/pause and replay button)
– Requires 3rd party ad serving
– If the banner is a publisher-paid, working files (including the video, where applicable), must be submitted
– Video formats (MP4, MPEG)
– Maximum file size of the ad is 2MB
Other Requirements 1) Back up JPG /GIF of less than 50 KB.
2) All ads are subjected to testing and approval by the Publisher.
3) File size beyond stated specification will require third-party hosting.