E-Magazines offer more user interaction as they tend to be more dynamic and engaging compared to a printed version. Usually aimed at specific or niche demographics, you can be certain that advertising your business, services or products on e-Magazines will be a powerful yet cost-effective method to get your message across to a precise audience.

Full Page Ads
Width x Height (Pixels)
File Size File Type Other Requirements
Static 768 x 1024 .AI, compatible with CS6 and below (logo and text* must in vector format, converted to outlines) – Landing URL
Static (Retina) 1536 x 2048
Video^ Video:
768 x 432 (min. height)
.MP4 – Logo and text* in vector (.AI, compatible with CS6 and below. Text must be converted to outlines)
– Images (.JPG)
– Landing URL
Video^ (Retina) Video:
1536 x 864 (min. height)
with static Ad
768 x 432 (min. height)
Ending Ad: 768 x 1024
– Video in .MP4
– Static Ad in .AI, compatible with CS6 and below (logo and text* must be in vector format, converted to outlines)
with static Ad (Retina)
1536 x 864 (min. height)
Ending Ad: 1536 x 2048

^ In cases where the client did not send in additional materials (logo, images, text) to accompany the video ad, the video will be placed against a default black background.
# Once the video finishes playing, it will automatically transit to a full-page ending image. For this reason, users will not be able to pause the video.
* Text must be submitted in vector format (an illustrator file, and compatible with CS6 and below). Flattened text will be rejected.


  1. Tracking links are allowed.
  2. SOP is 7 working days upon receiving the materials. As a guideline, new materials should be in by the 15th of each month.
  3. The cut-off date for attaching ads to ST The Life eMag is the fourth Wednesday of each month.
  4. The creative folio will be shared with the respective Sales and PM, who will then preview the creative via their iPad – Adobe Content Viewer App.


Ad Layout Options (illustrated) – Video / Video (Retina)



SPH eMag compatibility

(Portrait only)
Ad Options
Static Static
Video Video
Video with Ending Image Video with Ending Image (Retina)
ST The Life Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
BT Luxe Yes No Yes No Yes No


Video Specifications

Compression details:
✔ H264
✔ Data rate – 5000kbits

✔ AAC 160kbps
✔ 16/48
✔ Stereo