About omy.sg Blog Club
  • Community of independent bloggers set up by omy.sg
  • Over 3000 members, whose blogs are hosted on independent domains, e.g. WordPress, Blogger).
  • Wide variety of blogging genres, including, but not limited to Lifestyle, Parenting, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Tech, Photography, Travel, Youth etc.
  • Wide demographic range available – from 15 to 50 years old
  • For campaign purposes, omy.sg matches bloggers’ interests with advertisers’ needs, with recommendations to meet campaign objectives.
  • Control factor – only appropriate blog reviews will be highlighted on omy.sg. omy.sg will also help to contact bloggers to correct factually inaccurate blog posts.
Blogger Engagement in Brief
  • omy.sg recruits bloggers to take part in campaigns and manages them throughout the campaign period
  • Bloggers will generate content that will also be propagated via their social media networks, reaching out to their readers and followers
  • Bloggers’ content will also be featured on omy.sg via editorial write-ups and/or digital banners (website / mobile)
  • Options to have additional media exposure on other SPH digital products to boost campaign reach are also available
Benefits of working with omy.sg
  • Helps engage and manage bloggers suitable for your branding / marketing needs.
  • Offers professional recommendation on approaches suited for each unique campaign.

What your brand can achieve with us:

  • Greater publicity through social channels
  • Stronger engagement with target audiences
  • More personal voices talking about your products/services/brand
Sample Bloggers’ Verticals
Our solution:
Integrated campaign packages with strong social media reach
+ Editorial support + Advertising